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Evolve Capital Holdings Fund has been transformed into an investment fund with the following characteristics:

A concentrated equity portfolio that is actively managed,
consisting of stock listed investment companies that the manager knows well,
with a geographic focus on Europe, Asia and the United States,
focusing on risk management balance between capital growth and capital retention.

Evolve Capital Holdings Fund therefore invests primarily in shares of listed investment companies. Many of the smaller companies are less well-known and receive little attention from analysts, as income from trading in these companies generates little to no revenue. Less attention means that the stock market of these companies is less efficient and therefore offers more opportunities for thorough own research. The manager’s approach in this regard can best be described as “stock picking”.

The manager has strict investment and liquidity criteria. Based on these criteria, a “short-list” is created from the list of all listed companies. This is the investment universe of the Evolve Capital Holdings Fund and currently comprises around 25 companies. Of the companies in this investment universe, the manager carefully follows recent developments, including broker research reports, interviews with companies and competitors, press releases and financial reports.

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