What is Evolve Capital Holdings

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It is an investment fund that has participating interests in various listed investment companies (see, for example, SOFINA Appendix). In this way an indirect interest is built up in both listed and non-listed companies. We use a long-term perspective for all these participating interests so that we can actually create value. The creation of these listed investment companies, in contrast to more recent players in the field of private equity, dates from the end of the 19th century. The banking system was still in its infancy and large industrial families needed capital and a structure to finance their projects. Today, these Investment companies take over interests in companies or take over companies as a whole, with a clear underlying investment strategy. These are often companies within a limited number of sectors or industries. This common denominator makes it possible to connect the companies in the portfolio with each other. For example, by exchanging capital, goods or services, the investment company can achieve economies of scale and synergies. Whereas a century ago people mainly invested in traditional industrial companies, you see that today more and more attention is being paid to companies that are active in the field of technology, life sciences, media, consumer sectors and alternative energy. This offers opportunities. The purpose of these long-term investments in companies is profit generation through participation. The investment company expects that the activities of the companies in which it invests will be more profitable in the long term. In contrast to private equity, restructuring of companies does not play a central role in the investment strategy and this strategy is less focused on selling the interest.
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